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DevelopMentor line management training

Want to unleash the full potential of your apprentice/s? We’re offering fully-funded training for apprentices’ line managers – all focused on core skills to help line managers to get the best from young apprentices.


  • Fully-funded training to support apprentices’ line managers to implement the core practices of high-quality line management
  • Underpinned by the latest research and evidence on how to develop successful teams through employee engagement
  • Six hours of facilitated training, available via face-to-face or virtual options and supported by self-service materials
  • Includes a set of simple tools to use in day-to-day work


Participants who strongly agree that the content was relevant to their role line managing apprentices


Participants who strongly agree that they will apply the tools and models in their day-to-day work


Participants who agree/strongly agree that their line management will be improved as a result of the programme


  • Line managers have increased confidence and skills managing their apprentice, and applicable more widely in their role
  • Apprentices have improved performance and progression, report greater job satisfaction, and are more likely to be retained


  • Apprenticeships have huge potential, especially for young learners from disadvantaged backgrounds. We want to make sure they fulfil that potential.
  • Line managers play a crucial role in influencing the progress their staff make at work. They’re vital in ensuring apprenticeships deliver for both the apprentice and the business.
  • By investing some extra support in apprentices’ line managers, we want to boost the achievement and retention of their apprentices.


Participants must work for a London-based SME, and must line manage at least one apprentice who meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Economically disadvantaged – earning below the LLW prior to starting the apprenticeship, or received free school meals at any point during their education
  • Is from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background
  • Is from a group under-represented in their sector, e.g. women in the construction or digital/tech sector, men in the early years or social care sectors
  • Is otherwise disadvantaged in the labour market e.g. a care leaver, disabled

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