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Our impact

Our vision is of an equitable world of work, where everyone has access to meaningful, lasting employment. Find out how our work contributes to achieving our mission.

On individuals

Apprenticeships deliver the greatest benefits for the most disadvantaged learners. But over recent years, the number of entry level apprenticeships has plummeted. We’ve created over 1,750 new apprenticeships created for low-paid, disadvantaged, and marginalised Londoners since 2020.


Aged 25 and under


From Black, Asian, and minority ethnic backgrounds


Weren’t in full-time work prior to their apprenticeship, including 18% who were unemployed or NEET

Line management has a major impact on the progression of disadvantaged young people at work. Yet in SMEs, many are ‘accidential line managers’, without the training or infrastructure to enable them to excel. Through our DevelopMentor line management training pilot, we’ve trained the managers of over 80 young apprentices.

On employers

Over 400

SMEs supported to create new apprenticeships

Over 100

Apprenticeship levy payers supported to redistribute unspent funds

On policy

The insights from our practical work drive our ability to improve systems and policies for people who struggle to access good work, both directly and through others. From influencing the government's support for apprenticeship levy transfer to the removal of the cap on the number of SME apprenticeships available, we've already made a difference.

  • Our recent report into the role of intermediaries in the English apprenticeship landscape identified the potential for a consistent level of support for SMEs to address the decline in entry-level apprenticeship opportunities. Read more here.

  • Polling that we commissioned to mark National Apprenticeships Week in February 2023 showed that 78% of the public think the Apprenticeship Minimum Wage is unliveable - and gained extensive national press coverage including this piece in the New Statesman.

  • The LPC has been widely cited as a model of best practice, including by the OECD.

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