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Apprenticeship Levy Transfer Request

At Workwhile, we’re on a mission to make sure low-paid Londoners can secure better-quality, higher-paying work, and to make sure London’s businesses can develop the skills they need to thrive and grow – across all sectors.

We provide free end-to-end support to large businesses that want to make use of their unspent apprenticeship levy and small businesses that want to access it. Alongside that, we provide tailored, step-by-step support to small businesses so that, regardless of where you are on your journey, Workwhile is on hand to support to upskill your workforce.

By investing in new and current employees within SMEs, we can support people to develop skills which transform their progression opportunities. And by investing in the skills of this workforce, we can grow the skills that businesses need to thrive now and in the future.

Workwhile pay policy

We believe apprentices should be offered good work in its broadest sense. In the Mayor of London's Good Work Standard, this encompasses: fair pay and conditions; workplace wellbeing; skills and progression; and diversity and recruitment. We encourage employers to consider whether they can sign-up to the Good Work Standard.

Levy-transfer supported apprenticeships

We support small business to access levy transfer funding to cover the full cost of apprenticeship training. Our levy donor organisations are similarly committed to good quality employment and many set specific pay criteria around their levy donations. Given the priorities set out by levy donors, we do not work with employers that pay below the National Minimum Wage according to the apprentice’s age, and therefore will not support the apprenticeship minimum wage (£6.40 p/h). Instead, we strongly recommend employers pay London Living Wage, though we appreciate this is not possible in all cases. We also require employers seeking apprenticeship funding to indicate whether an apprentice will receive a pay rise on completion of their apprenticeship, and the progression opportunities available once the apprenticeship has been completed.

National Minimum Wage (figures updated as of April 2024)

  • 18-20 minimum wage: £8.60
  • 21 and over (in line with National Living Wage): £11.44

The current Real Living Wage is £12.00 per hour, across the UK for all age groups.

London Living Wage

The Living Wage Foundation has calculated the London Living Wage for 2024 as £13.15 per hour.

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