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Consultancy services

Tap into WorkWhile’s team of experts through our bespoke consultancy service.

Workwhile’s bespoke consultancy services for larger employers can help you to embed the values of good work, employee well-being, diversity and inclusion, training and progression into your organisation.

Take a look at a recent project undertaken for University of London and its 17 federated member institutions here.

In addition to supporting your internal practices, Workwhile can help you to have impact outside your organisation. We might help you to deliver social value through a targeted apprenticeship levy transfer project, or design a bespoke programme to support good work and skills with stakeholders in your sector or local area.

We can support your business with:

  • Workforce planning and apprenticeship strategy development, including workshops for senior staff
  • Training for apprentices’ line managers and mentors
  • Implementation support, including identifying suitable apprenticeship standards and finding training providers
  • Bespoke work to meet your needs
  • Management of a project to share levy with your charity partners or sectors important to your organisation
  • Research and report writing around good work and skills

For more information about apprenticeship strategy consultancy, please get in touch.

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