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Apprenticeship Hub Network Roundtable Survey

About the Apprenticeship Hub Network

The Apprenticeship Hub Network (AHN) comprises 18 organisations covering a large proportion of England. ‘Hubs’ are services, organisations or projects across England who provide free and impartial information, advice and guidance, to champion and stimulate the growth of apprenticeships. This includes supporting businesses, like yours, to understand the opportunity, navigate the processes and help your apprentices to thrive.

Each hub does sterling work on its own patch, but we also have a collective role in helping to shape the national picture. Our shared priorities include:

• Gathering local intelligence and sharing activities to support improvements to the wider apprenticeship landscape

• Offering policy makers an informed viewpoint on all issues relating to careers and apprenticeships, providing feedback as required to Government departments, funding agencies and other influencers

About this survey

Feedback from the individuals and businesses we support is key to informing meaningful conversations with national and local policy makers in 2024. In 2024 our virtual roundtable will bring micro, small and medium businesses together with policy makers to explore how businesses can be better supported to overcome key challenges they face in offering apprenticeships. To ensure we’re raising the issues that matter most to businesses, we’d like you to help us create the agenda. It couldn’t be simpler - just take a few moments to complete this short survey, and don’t forget to let us know if you’re interested in joining the discussion!

Privacy Notice

Workwhile is carrying out this survey on behalf of the Apprenticeship Hub Network and is the Data Controller. You will be have been forwarded this survey by one of the hub organisations so you can be included to give feedback. As part of this survey we will be only collect information which is non-sensitive and will not include your personal details. This data is processed with your consent. Workwhile will use the information you provide for the purposes of research and responses will compiled anonymously to feed into presentations and/or reports about apprenticeships. Headline responses will be shared with the Apprenticeship Hub Network. This information will be stored securely by Workwhile. Your survey responses will be held for a maximum of 12 months from 1st October 2023, after which time it will be securely deleted.

Question 10 footnotes:

  1. Apprenticeship Hubs offer free and impartial information, advice and guidance to businesses in their area. They also run campaigns and host events. However, not all areas are supported by a Hub. Online Government guidance and the National Apprenticeship Helpdesk are available nationally.

  2. The Government sets out how much training providers can charge to deliver each aprenticeship (training and assessment). Through the Education and Skills Funding Agency, the Department for Education also sets the rules for how apprenticeship funding (also known as apprenticeship levy) can be used

Most business can access funding to cover the cost of apprenticeship training and assessment for new recruits and existing employees. However, the process for accessing funding may be influenced by the size of your business and/or the age of your apprentice.

  1. Currently, businesses may be able to access £1,000 for hiring a new apprentice who is:
  • aged 16 to 18 years old, or

  • aged 19 to 25 years old and has an education, health and care plan (EHC) or has been in the care of their local authority

It is possible that additional incentives are available in specific local areas. Regardless of any national or local incentives, businesses need to pay their apprentice at least the national minimum apprentice wage.

  1. The apprenticeship service is a government online service which allows businesses to set up and manage their apprenticeships. All apprenticeships in England must be managed through the apprenticeship service.

  2. Apprenticeships are open to anyone aged 16 or older and range from Level 2 (equivalent to 5 GCSE's) to Level 7 (equivalent to a Masters' Degree). They can be undertaken by new or existing employees.

How you choose to advertise your vacancy can influence who chooses to apply. By posting your vacancy on the national 'Find an Apprenticeship' website, you're likely to reach more candidates than through local advertisements or word of mouth. The Government's Recruit an Apprentice service supports employers to use this. Locally, your chosen training provider and apprenticeship hubs can also help to promote your vacancy to potential candidates.

  1. There are currently more than 600 approved apprenticeship courses, known as apprenitceship standards. Each one of these has been developed by industry and quality approved by an organisation called 'The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education' (IfATE). They do this through working groups, known as 'Trailblazer Groups.'

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